Jewelry Care Instructions

Updated: Feb 10

Crystal Care

Selenite Crystal Charge

  • absorbs negative energy in its presence & releases it back into the universe

  • place stones around selenite or on top of a selenite plate

Smoke Bath

  • burn a natural herb stick & pass crystals through smoke for 1 minute

Sea Salt Burial

  • bury crystals in a glass filled with pure sea salt

  • make sure crystals points are faced down & are completely submerged in salt

Sun or Moon Charge

  • lay crystals out in direct sunlight or moonlight for a total of 24 hours

You may also charge your crystal in salt water but please do your research on whether or not your crystals will dissolve in liquids. If you are unsure don't do it.

Preserving your metals

Avoid Water

  • Avoid contact with any liquid substance

  • Always remove jewelry before showering, swimming & exercising.


  • Take off jewelry when using beauty products and/or harsh chemicals

  • Make sure products are completely absorbed into skin before putting jewelry on


  • Don't rub against rough surfaces

  • When not in use place in a space place to protect from damage

Mishandling your items may cause materials to wear down faster and/ or scratch your items.

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